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Our NCT Curriculum Outline

CORE I: Radiation Safety and Protection (22 Hours)

  1. Ionization of matter and its interactions in patients and technical personnel.
  2. S.I. Units and English units of measurement of radioactivity.
  3. Electromagnetic spectrum and its make-up and composition.
  4. Biological effects of radiation, Threshold, Non-Threshold, Direct Hit Theory, Poison Water Theory.
  5. Types of radiation and their respective sources: Cosmic, Natural, Man Made.
  6. Collimation, shielding, radiation survey meters, and radiation monitoring devices.
  7. Inverse Square Law and how it is applied, but not used in technique changes.
  8. Maximum Permissible Dose (MPD) for occupational workers versus the general public.
  9. Linear Energy Transfer (L.E.T.) and the Q factor for the various types of radiation.

CORE II: Radiological Equipment Safety, Operation & Maintenance 16 Hours

  1. Image receptors and their uses, Grid, Non-Grid, Screen.
  2. The importance of quality control in radiation prone areas.
  3. Processor breakdown, sections, functions, and the chemicals involved.
  4. Types of add-on filters and primary beam limitation devices that can be used.
  5. Back-up timers on photo-timed equipment, and incorporated safety features.

CORE III: Image Production and Evaluation 24 Hours

  1. X-Ray film: Intensifying, screen, grid, and their respective uses.
  2. X-Ray tube Radiation production - Bremsstrahlung vs. Characteristic.
  3. Density and Contrast - their differences, and the factors that control each.
  4. The 15% Rule and the EMS Maintenance Formula, and their relationship to density.
  5. Identify and describe various artifacts on a manifest image.
  6. Film identification and film marking critical to radiology.
  7. Correct the right technical factors (MA, TIME, KvP) to bring about the correct change in density or contrast necessary to produce a diagnostic image.

Note: The above 62 hours satisfy the core requirements for the course. In addition, at least one of the skill sets listed below must be taken to complete the Standard Limited Course. The Comprehensive Course includes the above 62 hours and all of the skill sets (58 hours) listed below.


Applied Human Anatomy, Positioning, & Radiological Procedures 58 hours total